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Carrie Bellan is an experienced criminal defence lawyer who has handled many high-profile cases throughout Orangeville and Caledon. 

With a strong sense of social justice, Carrie Bellan is prepared to tackle unfairness, regardless of how unpopular the cause. After all, every case deserves a strong defence. Each person comes before the justice system with their own backgrounds and personal stories that can be wholly unique or vaguely familiar. When you choose Carrie Bellan, you can be sure every case is approached with the best interest of the client in mind.



With over 25 years of legal experience, Carrie Bellan is currently focusing on the following areas of criminal law:

✓ Assault/Violent Offences ✓ Domestic Assault/Threats ✓ Sexual Assault ✓ Drug Offences
✓ Weapons Offences ✓ Robbery/Theft ✓ Fraud/Breach of Trust ✓ Break & Enter
✓ Murder/Manslaughter/Attempted Murder ✓ Bail Hearings ✓ Young Offenders

Homicide Cases

Carrie Bellan has defended clients in many homicide cases. In one case of a Caledon homicide allegation, she successfully had murder charges reduced to accessory after the fact. In another prominent local case she was successful in reducing the charges from murder to manslaughter after a lengthy jury trial. That case was overturned on appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, ultimately resolving in a plea to criminal negligence for after the fact conduct.  In another matter, charges were reduced to manslaughter from murder after a preliminary hearing.

Police Searches & Warrants

Carrie Bellan also has a particular interest in cases involving police searches by warrant or otherwise. These often involve drug and weapons offences. It is very important to ensure those before the courts charged with the most serious of offences be treated with fairness and dignity. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects us in our interactions with police authority.  These cases involve Charter applications to challenge police conduct. Carrie has often brought successful applications where charges have been dismissed or withdrawn before trial.

Domestic Assault

Carrie Bellan has also dealt with many domestic assault cases, frequently taking these matters to trial. In domestic assault situations, emotions are highly charged and often evolve into exaggerated allegations, particulary where there is a simultaneous matter before the family law court. Carrie Bellan has many thankful clients who have sought her experience in this area of law.

Ensuring Proper Representation

On cases that do resolve by way of a plea, Carrie will ensure the client is well-represented before the court. The client’s background and personal circumstances are fully explored and presented to the court in order to obtain rehabilitation and leniency, as fits the personal circumstances of the client.

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